Your Complete Guide To Home Renovations

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If you are looking for a sign to start your home get renovated, here it is. Your home doesn’t have to be a century-old for it to undergo modification. You may be spending too much on repairs, your house looks outdated, the family is expanding, or you are simply bored with the style of your house. Below, we have listed five signs that your home might be screaming for renovation, and two signs saying that you are should start now.

Signs You Need a Home Renovation

Your Complete Guide To Home Renovations

1. Your home is deteriorating

A home will eventually deteriorate after some time, and it is a significant reason to start renovating. There may be structural issues such as a damaged roof, overused flooring, and big wall cracks.

You may also have faulty furniture and fixtures, such as plumbing system issues, electrical problems, detaching tiles, and carpets showing signs of weathering. Pests and termites can also cause deterioration as they can damage walls and wooden fixtures. These problems need to be attended to before it becomes a bigger one that would entail more cost and pain.

2. You need more or less space

Perhaps your family is growing, and you need more space, and the little kids are demanding their own rooms, or maybe family members are moving out. Renovating is a great way to meet the needs of everyone. Through renovation, a home can be spacious, allotting more areas for other demands of the family. It will also help you keep the house organized and in order.

Changing the layout could also be the best solution for such problems. Look around. You might have unused furniture and appliances lying around the house that take up a portion of the area. If you have extra land space for extending the home, it would be great to add functioning rooms for the expanding family.

3. Your home looks out of date

Your home looks out of date
Does your home look like it has caught up in time? Maybe it’s time to remodel and revamp your home. The house’s structure is in excellent condition, but the furniture and fixtures might be giving off a vintage vibe since the family has used it for more than five generations.

It could be the rustic doorknobs, mirrors, faucets, old-fashioned cabinetry, decade-old appliances that need to be changed. By modifying or upgrading these things, your house could turn out modern and in the trend without touching the home’s structure and foundation. Adding accessories can also instantly beautify your home and upgrade its appearance.

4. You have the funds to do it

Renovating a part of the house or extending a place is a financial investment. Every renovation project, big or small, requires funds. You need to have the budget and even prepare more as you might not know what other overhead costs you may encounter along the way.

You can consult a building contractor about the construction cost, or ask your family or friends who have tried renovating their homes. Financial institutions can help you with your project’s funding, but if you have enough equity to do the renovation, you might as well push through with it.

5. You are not utilizing all the space you have

There could be a part in your house that you are not using well, or rooms that haven’t caught sight of anyone since a decade ago. You might want to consider making that space functional. You could tear down a wall and make a room larger by remodeling the house’s interior, or making the vacant room a storage room or entertainment room.

6. You are ready to get your life interrupted

Renovating means you won’t be able to use the space for some time. It usually takes several weeks to remodel a house, depending on the area and the house’s physical state. Your lifestyle might be interrupted for a short time, but you got to enjoy your new home a couple of years after. The result will be rewarding. Be prepared to move to a family’s or friend’s house or stay in a hotel until your dream home becomes a reality.

7. You are not enjoying the comfort your home provides

A home should be a shelter that provides solace and pleasure. If your home doesn’t meet all your needs, but you still don’t want to move to a new neighborhood or get into the hassle of buying and moving to a new home, renovating can help you achieve the house that suits your lifestyle.
You can revamp your home according to how you want it to be, keeping in mind that it will look like it for the next years to come. So make sure that you design your new home in a way that it provides comfort and enjoyment to you and the rest of the family.

There are other more reasons to renovate, but today is the best time to start working on your renovation project if you have seen any of these signs in your house. Consult with a contractor about the remodeling project and tell them your ideas, but if you choose to do the renovation on your own, you may do so and start planning.

Now that you have the final decision of renovating your home, it’s time to prepare for what lies ahead. Even if you intend to hire a contractor, which is a smart move, you still have to make preparations to implement the project for it to be as smooth as possible. Here are some things that will help with the process, whether the renovation covers the whole house or just a portion of the home.

What To Do Before a Home Renovation

What To Do Before a Home Renovation
1. Familiarize yourself with the processes that the workers will be doing in your home. Even if you are hiring somebody else, it is favorable for you to know what everyone will be doing in your house, what machines and materials they will be using, and what changes they will be making. Being hands-on with the renovation can guarantee that the workers are meeting quality.

2. If you are to remodel your entire house or an area of the house, decide if you are going to stay at home or not. Renovation produces a great deal of dirt, noise, and inconvenience. So you might want to consider moving out for a while or go on a vacation for the entire renovation period. If you have decided to stay at home and everyone can’t use some of the home areas, it is essential to determine where everyone should be occupying to keep your privacy, as workers will be in your home.

3. Prepare a safe place for your children and pets. Children should be as far as possible in the construction area for their safety, as they might wander around because of their curiosity and playfulness. Some pets experience stress whenever they hear loud noises, so you might want to consider finding them a home away from the site during the renovation.

4. Protect your belongings and furniture. As renovation will be dusty, it is convenient to cover the furniture and appliances to prevent it from accumulating dirt. it will also be easier for you during the clean-up process. Also, there could be frequent vibrations to the walls and floor, so remove any hanging things on the wall, including fragile items displayed around to prevent them from being knocked down.

Protect your belongings and furniture

5. You need to stay connected with your contractor or hired workers. Communication is the key to a successful project. Your vision is what they will put into execution, so they have to know what you want, and at the same time, you know what to expect from them. Everybody should be on the same page.

6. Prepare yourself. Renovation takes time and could be stressful. Prepare for inconveniences and unexpected events. Even though you have it all planned out, there could be unavoidable circumstances that can cause delay and additional expenses. You have to prepare your budget and also your mind.

Getting your home renovated can be overwhelming, but with proper planning and preparations, you can reduce the stress involved and find enjoyment along the way. BLC Homes can help you with that. BLC Homes is an experienced licensed contractor specializing in custom homes, and home remodels based in Fresno, CA. If you live in Fresno, Clovis, or areas surrounding Fresno, CA, do not hesitate to reach