What Are the Benefits of Building a Custom Home?

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One of the first things that come to mind of a homebuyer is whether they should opt to construct a new home or purchase an existing house. Naysayers will probably tell you that it is great to live in an already-established house which is located in an already-established neighborhood. But the truth is, they are not telling you the entire story about new construction.

First of all, there are plenty of neighborhoods that feature brand new homes that are already established. These homes have been expertly planned to include amenities. However, there is one thing that they forgot to tell you. It is the fact that with new construction, you are given the chance to completely customize your home. There are numerous benefits to choosing a custom-built home.

What are the benefits of building a custom home? When you work with a custom home builder, you can focus more on your priorities. Keep in mind that your home is your sanctuary. In other words, this is the place where you are going to sleep and wake up each day. This is the ideal place for you to de-stress. Remember that your family will grow here. Your home can influence how this happens. That is why it only makes sense that your home should be designed based on your needs.

Is there a perfect way of building a home? Not really. However, you could choose to work with a custom home builder or a model home builder, or you could work with a builder who does both. But the real question is should you go for a model or a custom home. Which one would be more appropriate for you?

Signs You Need a Home Renovation

This is the question that keeps on circling your mind if you are deciding between buying an existing home or having one customized for you by home builders. There are a lot of benefits that come with purchasing existing homes over custom homes. This includes the fact that the house is already established and move-in ready. At the same time, most existing homes come with a unique history and an inner sense of sentimentality. Nevertheless, previously owned homes, also come with their unique shortcomings such as:
  • Generally, existing homes do not come under warranty like newly built homes do.
  • Purchasing a house comes with a huge risk. It can be too late when you discover that the house has a long list of repair and maintenance issues.
  • Usually, these homes are not built to suit your needs or your specific tastes.
Do you find yourself interested in the idea of having your own custom-built home? If so, then here are some key benefits that you should consider when choosing to build a new home that is just perfect for you.
Should You Choose to Build or Not to Build?

Complete Personalization

One of the greatest advantages of having your home custom built is that you are capable of getting exactly what you want. With pre-existing homes, sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to obtain a home that suits your needs. You can come very close, but even if you do, it will require needing to look at several homes. Even after going through all that time and effort searching, there is still a possibility that you are not completely satisfied.

There is no doubt that custom homes can be appealing to some people, especially to those who have specific visions of the home that they want. However, adapting to a home that does not suit you could wear you down and perhaps change your life day today.

You might even find yourself getting up differently, which could set the tone for the whole day. With customization, you can cater your home to how you like to do things. This can make your life much easier. You need to consider that this can greatly affect your health, happiness, and even your mental health.

It Is Completely Customized

It is quite obvious that a custom home is simply custom. It is tailor-made according to your wants, requirements, and tastes. Once it is finished, it will be just the way you want it. Chances are, if you are purchasing an existing home, then there could be a lot of things that you want to change. But with a custom home, this is not the case. It is constructed from the ground up just for you. Obviously, there is more value in this.

Get the Style of Home You Want

If you are looking for a home in a particular geographical area, then existing homes might not reflect the style of home that you are interested in. For instance, a certain area might be developing transitional style homes, but you could be in the market for a classic colonial-style house. The great thing about new construction is that you don’t have to be hard-pressed to find a community or a development that offers the style of home that you want. You don’t have to settle for those aesthetic features if it is not your taste.

Energy Efficiency

A custom home will definitely cost you more at the start, however, there are a lot of smart ways that you plan this properly for more savings. Energy efficiency can help in reducing costs and minimizing your environmental footprint. A custom home that uses energy-efficient materials and designs are easier on your HVAC. Also, energy-efficient appliances can last longer. This means that it will take a while before you have to replace anything. Energy efficiency is a must for those homebuyers who are looking to purchase in the future.
Energy Efficiency

Unique Finishes

If you choose to custom build your own home, then it will be easier to incorporate those unique features into your home, especially during the planning and design stage. By choosing to custom build, you can freely design your living room by incorporating a piece of heirloom furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation. Or you could include unique building materials from an ancestral home, such as a brick accent wall. You can find that your options are infinite.

Interior Trim and Paint

There will be always something that you can say about your move-in ready house. For instance, your home could look better if you were the one choosing its paint colors. You feel that the interior trim and molding are not the best for your rooms, as well as other features that can make your house a home. With a custom home, you have full control over all of the small details that make your home truly yours.

Materials Used

You have no idea about the materials that are used in a custom-built home, even if it was constructed just a year ago. On the other hand, if you are building a custom home, then you will be closely working with your builder. You can choose what type of flooring you want or what sort of roof or brick will be used in your house. Most of all, you can make it energy efficient. Perhaps, you want your home to have visually pleasing windows. With a custom home, you will know what your house is made of, from the kitchen countertop material to the siding on your home.

Custom Floor Plan

Generally, with previously built homes, what you see is actually what you get. This means if you want to make some major changes to your floor plan, then you will have to knock down walls and deal with the inconvenience. You need to invest more money, time, and effort to get what you exactly want.

Do you want an office that you can access outside your house? Do you aspire to a bigger bedroom? Would you prefer your laundry room to be on the second floor? All of these specifications can easily be obtained if you choose to customize your own home.

Custom Floor Plan


Having a lawn can add more value to your home, but sometimes it can also be a liability. Usually, pre-existing homes have some serious issues with their lawns such as impacted soil, bugs, and others. Keep in mind that these problems could seriously affect the values of your property. On the other hand, if you choose to custom build your home, you also have the chance to build your custom lawn. You can plan the landscaping, construct an irrigation system, or design your own outdoor spaces.

Lower Costs

When you buy a pre-existing home, you will be worrying about the upgrades, repairs, and reconfigurations. However, if you build your own home, then you can save a lot of money in addition to getting the exact home that you desire. By custom building your home, it will be possible for you to select your finishes. This means that you can obtain the exact style that you want.

Lot Optimization

If you buy a pre-existing house, then you don’t have any control over the design as well as the placement of your house. However, by building a completely customized home, you can work with the architects and designers so you can take advantage of the features of your land.

Some of the factors that you need to consider with custom build homes are the trees, airflow, sunlight, shade, as well as the green space that surrounds the house.

Build Your Custom Home

By customizing your home, there are lesser chances of substandard construction. If you want to work with trusted and experienced home builders such as BLC Custom Homes in Fresno, CA, then we can guarantee your satisfaction. Give us a call today at 559-288-0499 or send us an email at blccustomhomes@gmail.com and let’s build your dream house today!