Twelve Things to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen

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Owning a home is one of the most rewarding accomplishments a person can achieve in their life. Remodeling a home can be a difficult feat to accomplish, especially if this is not something that you’ve done before. If you are new to home remodeling, BLC Custom Homes can help you.

In your home, one of the most important rooms is your kitchen. This is the area where your family gets together to eat delicious food and talk about their days. It’s a room of laughter and nourishment. Because of this, you have to give it the attention it needs during a remodel project. To help you out, we will be discussing the twelve things that you need to consider when remodeling a kitchen. Make sure to continue reading below to find out more information about this topic.

Twelve Things to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen

1. Plan the renovation that you want to achieve – Renovating a kitchen is a process that requires a lot of planning for it to be successful. When a kitchen remodeling or renovation is done properly it will do a lot to improve your kitchen’s appearance, utilize the available space, improve functionality, and make your kitchen accessible. You must think about what you want for your kitchen before proceeding with the plans for the renovation. Setting a strong foundation like this will help make the overall process easier and guarantee a better outcome.

2. Prepare a reasonable budget for the renovation – When you remodel any space within your home, keep in mind that the budget that you need to prepare may vary depending on the things that you want to work on. If you have decided what areas of your kitchen need sprucing up, then you should make sure to prepare the budget that you think will be enough to cover the expenses needed for the remodeling process.

Always remember to renovate according to your home’s value. If you remodel with an inadequate budget and the property’s value is higher than that, then you might end up losing a part of your home’s value, which can be a loss if you ever decide to sell your home. So you should keep this in mind when you’re planning for a home remodel or renovation.

When planning out your renovation budget, you should do the needed research and consider doing an estimate of costs before you begin purchasing materials and appliances for the remodeling project. If you have reached a resolution and know how much you will be willing to invest as well as what the estimated return on investment is going to be, then you can consider starting the remodeling process of your kitchen.

3. Choose appropriate kitchen appliances – During your kitchen remodel project, you’ll need to think about the appliances that you will be using. Avoid putting it off and leaving it at the last minute. If you’re going to be choosing kitchen appliances, then you need to make sure to include the cost of these in your remodeling budget.
This is another important thing to consider before you begin with the renovation project so that you can avoid ending up with low-quality appliances. Take into account the quality of your chosen appliances, weigh in your budget plan, and do an overall comparison against how long these will last you, even if it will cost you more initially.

Choose appropriate kitchen appliances

1. Quality and Durability – The quality of the appliances and their durability must be taken into consideration. Do not settle for cheap and low-quality appliances as these will not last for a long time. In the long run, you will find that you will pay more for cheap appliances, so consider it an investment into your home.

2. Energy-efficient – Appliances that are energy efficient will allow you to save on energy costs and help you with the budgeting for your home expenses.

3. Size – The size of the appliances buy for your kitchen must coincide with the size of the room. You must avoid getting appliances that are too big as it won’t fit and make it difficult for you to work around them. Think about your kitchen’s size and figure out how you’re going to make the most out of what you have.

4. Flexibility and usability – When looking for appliances for your home, you should also consider their user-friendliness and flexibility. It can be tempting to buy an appliance because it looks good, but it is impractical and will be bad for your finances if you keep making decisions like this.

5. Features – When you purchase an appliance for your kitchen, make sure that you choose an appliance that you will actually use regularly enough to justify its expense.

If you have a limited budget, you should go for quality appliances that will last longer. You can also consider built-in appliances if it works for your kitchen set-up. Make sure that your kitchen will have a consistent and stylish finish. Buying new appliances will usually take up around twenty percent of your planned budget.

4. Make a plan about how to maximize the available space – When planning for your kitchen space, you can consider obtaining more storage space. For those with limited kitchen space, you have to make the plans to maximize what’s available. You can save space by using built-in appliances. To avoid having to keep swapping out broken appliances, make sure to choose those with quality appliances that will last longer.

If you are getting new appliances, you have to check their dimensions as it can affect the overall appearance of your kitchen. The last thing you want to avoid is an overcrowded kitchen. You want your appliances to complement each other and fit perfectly in the available space. One thing you can consider are integrated appliances that will go together with your kitchen’s space and design.

Make a plan about how to maximize the available space

5. Plan the kitchen’s layout – When you want to improve the kitchen’s layout and you want to open it up to the other rooms, you must plan it properly as this is not as simple as removing your kitchen’s walls. Walls are either load-bearing or structural and you must check to see which walls can be removed without causing any problems in the future as a failure to do so can cause integrity issues to your home.

If you need to move your stove, sink, oven, or refrigerator, feel free to do so. If you are planning to add cabinets to your kitchen, you should assess your available kitchen space so that you can decide what to do before ordering and installing them. You should also keep in mind that plumbing and ventilation are difficult to move as it tends to become expensive, so make sure that you’ve decided on the right layout before you start installing things.

If you are planning to move the stove and oven, you need to consider your kitchen’s ventilation. Air ducts have to be short and straight, so make sure that your vent is properly planned out to maintain the structure of your ventilation.

6. Choose the material for your work surfaces – When choosing a material for your countertop and other work surfaces in the kitchen, you need to choose one that looks good, durable, and goes well with the overall design of the kitchen. You can choose wood, granite, or marble work surfaces.

If you go for wooden surfaces, it is not too expensive and adds a classic effect and charm to your kitchen. Marble or granite work surfaces are great for your countertop or kitchen island, as both look great and look sophisticated, but these materials can be expensive, so you have to plan properly and consider your budget before deciding on one.

7. Choose the color scheme – When choosing a color scheme for your kitchen, you should seriously consider a neutral color palette as it is popular among homebuyers, which is something to consider if you are planning to sell your home in the future. Kitchens with light color schemes are high in demand as their look appeals to the growing number of home buyers because clean and bright kitchen spaces are strongly preferred among them.

Always remember that when renovating your kitchen, you should consider its overall appearance. What do you prefer for your kitchen’s look, do you want a sleek and stylish look, or do you want something that looks modern and trendy? Your preferred style will then affect the color scheme that you will choose.

Choose the color scheme

8. Choose the kitchen’s flooring – If you are planning to change your flooring, you have to consider the elevation issues that it will create at doorways into other rooms. If you want to use tiles for your flooring, you should consider getting a layer of plywood to make the subfloor stiff. Another option that you can consider is the use of an isolation membrane to prevent cracks or other issues on the floor.

If you are planning to change the layout instead of the flooring, you must check that the flooring is even and runs under the cabinets and appliances that you will be using in the kitchen. If there are holes in the floor, you have to patch them accordingly.

9. Consider the kitchen’s lighting – When renovating a kitchen, you should consider improving the lighting. A well-lit and bright kitchen is important. If you have access to natural light or ambient lighting to illuminate the kitchen, then you should incorporate it into the overall design of your kitchen. Another thing you can consider is placing the lights directly over the countertop.

10. Build a kitchen island – To maximize space in the kitchen, something to consider is designing a kitchen island that will fit according to the available space. A kitchen island can be useful for preparing, cooking, and serving food for your family.

The ideal space for a kitchen island is roughly 36 inches clearance and if you have a wider and bigger space, then that would allow for better island space. You should also consider what you need to install with the kitchen island, which includes electrical outlets, faucets, or stovetops that can also be placed with it, but like everything else, you have to plan these out properly.

11. Pay attention to all the details – When handling your kitchen renovation, make sure to pay attention to all the needed details. See to it that a certain appliance or item will not interfere with another one. During the application of the wall tile, you have to consider the areas between the counter and the cabinets. Make sure that there will be no issues, especially with the end part of the tile and how it will meet with the window trim.

Pay attention to all the details

12. Set up a temporary kitchen – During the kitchen renovation, you can look into setting up a temporary kitchen. It’s easy enough to move the oven, microwave, and refrigerator to the other room temporarily. Use paper plates and plastic utensils for the time being, as washing the dishes can be a pain to deal with if you do not have an available sink or dishwasher to use during the renovation period.

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