Which is a better option, an open or closed floor plan? At BLC Custom Homes, we will be discussing everything you need to know about open and closed floor plans. If you are having a hard time deciding on one for your home, we encourage you to keep reading below to find out more information. Home remodels will usually require an expert for it to be a success. So if you want to hire the best, choose BLC Custom Homes for any home remodeling or custom home needs.

Before anything else, we would like to share with you the definition of an open and closed floor plan.

Closed Floor Plan

A closed floor plan is also known as a traditional floor plan. A closed floor plan is a layout wherein each area of the home is designed to be separated from the other rooms using walls as a means of sectioning them off.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is a layout where one or more large rooms are created so that it will serve as multiple rooms located in a single living space. A perfect example of an open floor plan is also known as a great room. It is a combination of the living room, dining room, and kitchen in one large space.

Open floor plans are usually recommended for homes with less square footage because of the need to fit different parts of the house in a single space. Om the other hand, large homes have more space to work with, which makes it easier to integrate rooms into an open floor plan. A small home can have a great room by removing walls that separate the living room and kitchen. It must be done professionally to prevent any issues with the home’s structural integrity. The columns and weight-bearing walls must be retained to create a line between the two areas.

Generally, homes built before the 1990s were created with a floor layout comprised of multiple different rooms. Some rooms are usually separated by three-quarters of a wall with open walkways, which is commonly seen in the dining, kitchen, and living room.

Homes with plenty of separate rooms make them look attractive, compartmentalized, and functional. Nowadays, contractors, homeowners, and designers realized that homes with open floor plans are better because their living space is more usable while using the same area footage.

What Are the Benefits of Open Floor Plans?

1. Allows natural light to come in – When interior walls in the house are removed, it will allow sunlight from the windows to enter and brighten up the living space. Open living spaces will allow natural light into your home throughout the day. It will be an excellent source of natural light, allowing you to save money because it can lower the electricity bills. It also makes the inside of your home seem brighter, making for a happier living space.

2. Improves social time – When a host needs to cook or prepare food in the kitchen, they can socialize and converse with their guests while they are staying in the living room. For example, if you have a great room and you have your relatives or friends over, you can still entertain them while you are cooking and serve them food while they stay in the living room.

3. Allows you to keep an eye on the children – Having a great room allows parents to prepare food and perform other household chores while their children can safely play in the living room. With no walls obstructing their view, they will not have a hard time keeping an eye on their children.

What Are the Benefits of Closed Floor Plans?

1. Privacy – If you live in a household with people of different ages and schedules, having a closed floor plan with sectioned-off rooms is better so that everyone has their own space.

2. Storage – Closed floor plans can be used to create small rooms with lots of seating, built-in shelves, and storage spaces.

3. More walls – Individuals who love to collect artwork can opt for a closed floor plan so they can have their much-needed wall space to display their favorite art pieces. Direct sunlight that is commonly seen in open floor plans can also damage the artwork, so having walls to protect them is a must.

4. Easy to clean – An enclosed space will allow you to have a playroom for your children. It can help contain their toys and keep their messes out of the main rooms. It will be easier to clean and you can maintain the rooms, which provides a better overall impression for your home.

5. Well-designed spaces – A closed kitchen will allow you to have a larger living and dining area, as well as make the kitchen easier for you to cook and prepare food. This is because a smaller space will make it easier for you to easily reach for everything that you need.

6. Noise is contained – Open floor plans have better acoustics that allows noise to travel further. On the other hand, closed floor plans have extra walls that can help prevent noise from traveling too far. This is important in a household with a lot of members that have different schedules. The noise is effectively contained, preventing noise disturbances.

7. Extra rooms – A closed floor plan will allow you to have more rooms that can be assigned according to their individual uses. You can have specialty rooms such as a playroom, game room, a small gym, home office, art and craft room, and guest rooms. This makes it easier to keep everything within their respective spaces

How Do I Choose the Right Floor Plan?

If you want to have a spacious design on the first floor and have enclosed spaces in other areas of the house, this is entirely doable, as this is a matter of personal preference. Modern homes are known to use a combination of layout plans, so if you are deciding on which floor plan will work best for your homes, you can consider the following suggestions below.

Homes with open floor plans are known to benefit individuals that are living alone or young couples with no kids. This layout will allow you to take advantage of a spacious home without having to worry about privacy issues. If your home’s current floor plan does not work for you anymore, maybe it is time for you to consider how you can make use of the extra space in your home.

A home can be renovated and have its old walls removed to create a great room. A combination of open and closed floor plans can be used depending on your preference while retaining structural barriers so that you can have separate rooms among designated spaces in your home.

What Are the Concepts That Can Be Done For Homes With Open Floor Plans?

If your home’s current floor plan is not meeting your needs or doesn’t suit your lifestyle, it is time for you to consider remodeling or redesigning it. Most homes usually benefit from having fewer walls so if it is a perfect plan for you, you should look into hiring a reliable licensed contractor like BLC Custom Homes.

A home with an open floor plan will allow for plenty of natural light, so this can be designed to contrast with interior walls and dark wood floors to give your room have an open and airy atmosphere. If your home has different levels, you can design the main level to have an open floor plan. If you need more sections for your creative studio room, home office, workout room, or game room, you can integrate them in your open attic or basement by adding extra partitions while maintaining the open floor plan.

What Are the Concepts That Can Be Done For Homes With Closed Floor Plans?

Homes with closed floor plans can be remodeled and you can rearrange the rooms. If you have a lot of ideas on how to convert your space, you can consult with a licensed contractor to help you with your home’s remodel construction project. Here are the following things that you can do for your home.

  • Make a prioritized list of the following changes that you want for your home.
  • Check each room. Make notes of the location, adjacent rooms, windows, and their function.
  • Think about what would happen if you combine a room with its adjacent room and see if will it become better.
  • Bathroom expansions can be performed on a cramped and compact bathroom with a small linen closet or a rarely used room.
  • If your home has plenty of bedrooms, you can combine two rooms and make it into a larger bedroom or a specialty room, like a home office or den.
  • If you have a large garage, you can renovate it and change it into a bedroom, family room, or game room.
  • You can consider converting your current living room and transforming it into a home office, changing up the layout, and turning the extra space into an open living room/kitchen.

What Can Be Done For Homes With Limited Space?

If you have extra space in your outdoor living spaces, you can turn them into indoor living spaces. Outdoor living spaces include structures like decks, sunrooms, flat roofs, patios, veranda, porch, etc.

  • Decks and balconies can be converted into indoor living spaces so you can combine the additional area footage with the adjacent room.
  • If you have a patio, you can expand your adjacent room outward.
  • Sunrooms can be converted and combined with the adjacent room so you can make your room bigger and brighter and allow more sunlight to enter your room.
  • A flat roof can be converted into a covered porch, open deck, or even a vegetable garden so you can maximize and use up all of the available space in your home.
  • Spaces under the staircase can be used as a combined storage area and reading nook.
  • Homes with smaller square footage availability will need a more organized floor plan. You can look for creative ways so you can maximize the space. You can create shelves, cabinets, and drawers in any unused available spaces for more storage options.

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